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Full-time website consultants.

Contact us to speak to one of our full-time consultants. We have experience with many small business sectors:

  • Plumbers & Electricians
  • Hair Salons
  • Signage & Printing companies
  • Garden and Pool services
  • Event & Hiring
  • Auto repairs
  • Home improvement

Daniel Motzouris

Sales Manager

Direct phone:

071 991 6958

Alternative number

078 789 9161



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How can LocalBizOnline help your business generate sales?

Our goal is to design websites that bring more sales for your business. We believe that every business can benefit from a great website. Gone are the days of your customers using the yellow pages to find products and services. Potential customers will look up your business on the internet.


Get online quotes and bookings through your wesbite


Create trust with testimonials and references.


Customers can find your products and services 24 hrs a day.

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