5 Ways our website design will help your business.


1. Gain trust and credibility for your business

Statistics show that appearances matter and your website, for many people, will be the first impression they have of your business. We design with the latest trends so your business will look great and make that crucial first impression count.

“75% of users make judgments about a
company’s credibility based on the
website design.”

2. Let your customers find you on Mobile & Tablet

We design websites that work on computer screens as well as phones and tablets. Already more than 50% of smart phone users check websites on their phones. If you website was designed more than 2 years ago there is a good chance it does not display nicely on phones. Our software changes the look of the website depending on what device and screen size it is being viewed on.

“Mobile accounts for more than 50% of e-commerce traffic.”

Shopify survey

3. Get your business found on Google

If you want your website to be found on Google its important to put the correct keywords in the right places. We understand how Google works and we do our best to put the correct keywords for your business service and product. Although this does not guarantee that you will be found it will get you a long way. If you want to read more about how Google ranks your website we wrote an article you can read if you click here.

We understand how Google works

4. Get quotes and enquiries from your website

We believe that it is important to make it as easy as possible for your customers to request a quote. We design contact forms specific to your services and products. By placing ‘request quote’ forms on your website it encourages potential customers to make that crucial first contact.


Custom contact & quote forms on all website pages

5. Sleep well at night – We look after your website 24 / 7

Unlike most website designers we do not do one night stands, we do not design the site then leave you. We are long-term commitment kind of people. Our monthly fee covers the cost of monthly hosting on secure servers. We have software that alerts us if there are any potential hacks or if your site has any issues. We also update your site software regularly which ensures that your website will always work on the latest phones and tablets. 

We are long term commitment kind of people… no one night stands here.

Website security

In Conclusion – Your website is the digital face of your business.

Having your business represented online becomes more important every day. When people are considering using your business there is a VERY GOOD chance they will look you up on the internet. Do you have a website that they will find? If you already have a website is it impressive?  Does it do everything it needs to?

Have a chat with us and get a free demo to see how we can help your business, get more business, without breaking the bank.

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