How your website ranks on Google

This is a really important read if you want to understand how your website is ranked.

You should be really happy if your website shows on the first page of Google for your business name and location e.g. Joes Plumbing Durban. If you business shows on the first page of Google for your business service term e.g. Plumbers Durban, then consider yourself very lucky because its not easy.

Where your website ranks depends 6 crucial factors.

And all the factors relate to one common factor: How well known is your brand / business name on the internet? Google depends on Trust to rank your website, and it works out how high your Trust is based on how much your are mentioned on the internet and how long you have been on the internet.




Top 6 factors that influence how Google ranks your website.


1. Is your website using the correct keywords and works on mobile?

This is the easiest factor because we take care of this. Google can only rank you for the keywords you put on the website so we carefully format the headings and page titles for your primary search terms and business name. We also make sure that your website works on mobile phones and tablets.

Google will trust you more if your website works on all devices.


2. Is your business listed on the major internet directories?

Check that your business is listed on the major online directories such as Yellowpages, Brabys and Snupit.

If it is not then Google does not know your ‘business name’ and your website will struggle to rank well. The best thing you can do in order to help your business rank is to Google your business name and check that your business is listed with at least 3 directories. Then the most important part – check that your business details are correct and the same across all the directories. If the details are different, even slightly, Google does not trust you as much, and trust me, you want Google to trust you.


3. Do you have a Google my business listing?

Click on Google Maps and search your business name. If your business name does not come up then it is very important that you submit your business to Google to create a ‘my business’ profile.

This is the most important step you can take if your business is not listed with Google.

If it is listed but the details are wrong then be sure to ‘claim’ the listing and make the changes. Google Trusts businesses that have Google my business accounts (It’s free so make sure you have one).


4.  How long has your website been online?


Google does not like young websites and in particular domain names should be as old as possible. If you had an old outdated website and we have created a new one for you then you will rank higher than a business that did not have a website before. The reason is that Google sees that the domain name has been around for a while and therefore ‘trusts’ you more than a business with a brand new domain name. It can take anywhere from 3 – 12 months for Google to really start trusting your domain name if it is brand new.


5. How competitive is your local market?

This will greatly impact how your business ranks.

If your business is in a very competitive local market then it will take time and extra work to get your business ranking.

For example Bed and Breakfast in Cape Town is very competitive and I can assure you that a brand new domain name will not rank on the first page for a long time unless they hire a SEO expert. Bed and Breakfast in Eshowe (a small town) will rank onto the first page much easier because its less competitive.


6. Do people visit your website?

If Google sees that people are visiting and searching for your website it will trust you more. Tell people about the site, friends, family, clients. Put your website on your email signature under your name. Add it to any new signage, business cards, on your company vehicles etc…

In conclusion:

When we design your website we follow the best practices to ensure that you have the correct keywords and other technical elements so that Google trusts your website from that standpoint. But there are plenty of things that you can do to make a difference as explained in points 2,3 and 6. Added to these points if you post regular ads to OLX, Gumtree and Facebook and you add your website this will help also. If you are part of any trade organizations or are an agent for any products be sure to ask them to put your website on their website, this will help MASSIVELY.

Lastly getting your website onto the first page of Google is not the only purpose of your website. Your website is your businesses online profile that your customers can visit directly to learn more about your products and services.

Even if you are not on the first page of Google a well designed website is still an important asset that every business should have.

If you have any questions we are happy to answer you please email us at

If you are too busy but you think your website could use some work on the Google Maps listing and directories (points 2 and 3) we can facilitate this for you. Please enquire and we will send you a quote.