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Book more appointments, make more sales

Why is a good website critical?

Q: When you need a service or product, what do you do?

A: If you are like 80% of business owners you will open Google on your phone or laptop and search for a company offering that service. Often based on the website you will choose which business to use.


How to choose a designer.

Choosing a website partner by just looking at the number of features on the quote says nothing about how effective that website will be. 

The last thing that really matters are the number of pages and photos on a website. What matters is the strategy, is the website designed to generate sales?

Designed for Sales

 Your website design & features should be implemented to serve the primary goal of your business:

Book more appointments? More quote requests? Get people to visit your premises?

That’s all that matters, that is what is going to give you results.

Features – Specific for business owners

Our website designs are integrated with a range of features to give you the business owner the power and control you need.

Sleep well at night

 As a business owner, the last thing you need to worry about is the maintenance of your website. We take care of the website by hosting, monitoring & updating.

Know whats happening

 On the LocalBizOnline platform, you are able to log on whenever you like to check your full visitor stats. See how many people visited your site and even where the traffic is coming from.

Email with your business name

 If you would email that uses your domain name we will create and host for you. It is professional to have your company name as your email rather than a Gmail or Yahoo or Mweb email address.

Stay current, show off your latest news

 We can integrate Facebook and any other major social feed into your website. This means that you can do real-time updates to your Facebook which will also show on your website.

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